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1 - Kastro Hotel
2 - Atrion Hotel
3 - Lato Boutique Hotel
4 - Capsis Astoria Hotel
5 - Galaxy Iraklio Hotel
6 - Marin Dream Hotel
7 - Mirabello Hotel
8 - Castello City Hotel
9 - Kronos Hotel
10 - Atlantis Hotel
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8 - Embassy
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Heraklion or Iraklion (Greek: Ηράκλειο; Italian: Candia), is the largest city and capital of Crete. It is also the fourth largest city in Greece. Its name is also spelled Herakleion (transliteration of ancient/Katharevousa name), or Iraklio, with other variants. For centuries it was known as Candia (Greek: Χάνδαξ or Χάνδακας).

Heraklion is the capital of Heraklion Prefecture, with an international airport named after the writer Nikos Kazantzakis. The ruins of Knossos, which were excavated and restored by Arthur Evans, are nearby.

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Municipality Of Heraklion
Heraklion is the largest urban centre in Crete, the capital of the region and the economic centre of the island. The first European civilisation, the Minoan civilisation, flourished on this land 5000 years ago. The conquering of Constantinopole by the Franks in 1204, left Crete under the sovereignty of the Venetians until 1669. During this period, Heraklion experienced significant cultural growth and became the capital of the ''Regno di Candia''.

Atlantis Hotel Atrion Hotel Capsis Astoria Hotel Castello City Hotel
Galaxy Iraklio Hotel Kastro Hotel Kronos Hotel Lato Boutique Hotel
Marin Dream Hotel Mirabello Hotel Olympic Hotel Lena Hotel
Sofia Hotel Park Hotel Life Athinaiko
GDM Megaron Hotel Kernos Beach Hotel & Bungalows Pasiphae Hotel Iraklion Hotel
Poseidon Irini Hotel El Greco Park Hotel
Evans Hotel Rea Hotel Alia Club Beach Hotel-Apartmen Bella Maris Hotel
Aldemar Cretan Village Dimitra Hotel Flisvos Beach Hotel Aldemar Knossos Royal Village
Creta Maris Hotel Aldemar Royal Mare Village Silva Maris Hotel Sun Club Olympia
Terra Maris Hotel Albatros Spa & Resort Hotel Pela Maria Hotel Galaxy Villas
Medusa Villa Villa Sonia Golden Beach Hotel Voula
Sirius Apartments Kreta Natur Golden Villas Star Beach Village & Water Park
Ida Village I & II Venus Melena Hotel Miramare Hotel Golden Dream Apartments
Lefteris Apartments Mediterraneo Hotel Grand Hotel Holiday Resort Melpo Hotel
Prinos Apartments Artemis Robinson Lyttos Beach Dimitrion Hotel
Agrabella Hotel Imperial Belvedere Hotel Royal Belvedere Hotel Iro
Dimico Hotel Maragakis Beach Hotel Sunshine Village Romantica Beach
Thalia Memory Hotel Mastorakis Hotel Romantica Apartments
Apollo Apartments Sogiorka Apartments Glaros Beach Hotel Michalis Apartments
Aquis Silva Beach Hotel - Adults Only Mareblue Village Irini Apartments Acropolis Apartments
Sun And Sea Apartments Pleiades Apartments Nana Beach Aks Annabelle Village
Hersonissos Maris Hersonissos Village Hotel & Bungalows Manos Maria Hotel Apartments Petra Beach Hotel & Apartments
Bellos Hotel Apartments Evelyn Beach Hotel Mari - Kristin Hotel Hotel Aspro
Sergios Hotel Haris Apartments Elia & Tina Apartments King Minos Palace
Semiramis Village Nikolas Villas Appartments Blue Island Hotel Ilios
Erofili Apartments Palmera Beach Averinos Hotel Balsamico Traditional Suites
Annirin Hotel Happy Days Amalthia Apartments Elmi Suites Hotel
Papadakis Villas Casa Di Veneto Hotel Ntanelis Hotel Galini
Sirocco Apartments Rytion Nikis Hotel Iliostasi Beach Apartments
Sofia Hotel Amaryllis Apartments Creta Maris Beach Resort Cleopatra Apartments
Neriides Villas Home Apartments Maria-Flora Apartments Asterias Village Resort
Villa Melia Korifi Suites Marni Village Kalimera Village Piskopiano
Creta Blue Boutique Hotel Eleni Villas Villa Iokasti Koutouloufari Village Holiday Club
Esperides Villas Pilot\'s Villas Luxury Suites Mika Villas Palatia Village Apartments
Sunrise Apartments Petra Village Silvia Apartments Hotel Dream Apartments & Studios
Niriides Villas Matheos Apartments Memory Boutique Hotel Lofos Apartments
Epavlis Apartments Villa Diktynna Stelva Villas Astra Village
Semiramis Apartments Dedalus Hotel Adonis Studios Elgoni Apartments
Villa Erato Nontas Apartments Diana Hotel Apartments Bella Vista Apartments
Arminda Hotel & Spa Stella Paradise Popi Apartments Golden Star
Amazones Village Suites Chrissi Amoudia Mylos Apartments Villa Marina
Kosta Mare Palace Oceanis Hotel Kasapakis Hotel Eleni Apartments
Europa Beach Hotel Mitsis Serita Beach Hotel Mitsis Laguna Resort & Spa Classic Apartments
Lyttos Beach Mareva Hotel Apartments Stella Palace Anatoli Apartments
Stella Village Zorbas Hotel Andromeda Apartments & Studios Sunshine Studios & Apartments
Anna Maria Village Frida Village Chrysalis Hotel Vlychada Apartments
Golden Valantine Apartments Diamond Apartments & Suites Marietta Hotel Apartments Villa Vicky
Galini Apartments Olympic Star Konstantin House Antinoos Hotel
Renata Mare Hersonissos Palace Heronissos Hotel Elalia Apartments
Klery Studios Home Hotel (Adults Only) Arco Baleno Apartments Armava Hotel
Arlen Beach Hotel Aspri Petra Apartments Blue Bay Apartments Diamond Village
Veneris Apartments Nancy Hotel Mike\'s Beach Apartments & Studios Marinet Studios & Apartments
Despina Hotel Royal House Pandora Villas Elina Apartments
Vergina Studios Danae Villas View Villas Saradari Apartments
Aris Studios Golden Sun Hotel Portokali Apartments Alex Apartments
Maria Hotel Apartments & Studios Floral Hotel Fedra Apartments Minas Apartments
Dia Apartments Cretan Garden Elpida Apartments Venus Mare
Camping Caravan Petros Village Villa Elite Porto Village
Marina Apartments Malievi Apartments Idillion Ippoliti Village
Aegean Blue Villa Irida Villa Anissaras Villa Adamakis Hotel
Dorian Apartments Apartment Home Oasis Beach Hotel Luxury Maisonette Apartment

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