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Hotels in Balchik
1 - Valeo
2 - Marina City
3 - Lotos
4 - Holiday Beach
5 - Bisser
6 - Mistral
7 - Sea Paradise Hotel Complex
8 - Hotel Horizont
9 - Elit
10 - Paris Hotel
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Golden Sands
Sunny Beach
Veliko Tarnovo

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2 - Royal Garden Hotel
3 - Don Carlos Beach & Golf Resort Hotel
4 - Hotel Cicerone
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7 - The New York Helmsley Hotel
8 - Embassy
9 - Louis Apollonia Beach
10 - Grand Hotel Esplanade Berlin
11 - Hotel Aviz

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Balchik is a Black Sea coastal town in the Southern Dobruja area of northeastern Bulgaria. It is located in Dobrich Oblast and is 42 km northeast of Varna. The town sprawls scenically along hilly terraces descending from the Dobruja plateau to the sea.

The ancient Greek colony of Krounoi (also known as Dionysopolis, after Dionysus), later a Greek-Byzantine fortress, stood on the site of an older Thracian settlement. In the First Bulgarian Empire in 7th century AD, the place's name changed from Krounoi to Karvuna; in the Second Bulgarian Empire, it became an important administrative centre of its Karvunska Hora district, and was marked on Italian portolans as a port with the Italianized name of Carbona. In the 14th century, it briefly became capital of the spinoff Dobrujansko despotstvo (Principality of Karvuna). Under the Ottoman Empire, the town came to be known with its present name, which perhaps derived from a Gagauz word meaning "small town" (as opposed to the "large town" of Varna).

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Other areas
Golden Sands
Sunny Beach
Veliko Tarnovo
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Balchik is a small seaside town in Northern Bulgaria which combines the romance of its steep streets with the beauty of the sea. For a long time it has been known as the White Town for the mainly white colour of its lime rocks. Balchik has a 21 centuries history and has preserved traces of many cultures. All that can be seen in the Historical museum situated in the town centre.

Bisser Elit Lotos Mistral
Paris Hotel Valeo Marina City Holiday Beach
Hotel Horizont Enigma Vacation Club Hakuna Matata BlackSeaRama Golf & Villas
Lighthouse Golf Resort & Spa Hotel Sea Paradise Hotel Complex Kaliakria Resort Balchik Apartments
Hotel Los Dos Gallos Regina Maria Spa Design Hotel Hotel Denitza Hotel Akroza
White House Family Hotel Hotel Balchik Guest House St. Valentine Hotel Mistral
Apartments Lotos Hotel & Restaurant Alex Selena Hotel Vacation Villa Residence Symphony Balchik
Hotel Zdravec Club Residence at BlackSea Rama Golf Rai Hotel Irish Rover Hotel
Jupiter 1 Hotel Jupiter Morski Briz Black Sea Balchik Golf Apartments, Townhouses and Villas
Lighthouse Golf & Spa Hotel Viktoria Family Hotel Pri Paskal White Rose Hotel
Villa Puma Guest House Mimosa Guest House Gloria Guest House Rumen
Hotel Dvete Mecheta Guest House Silver Pearl Guest House Maria Guest House Kibela
Vila Dionis Avantgarde Apartments Helios Hotel Hotel Oazis
Guest House Brezite Guest House Botanical Garden Guest House and Apartments Simba Nala and Timon Guest House Villa Katty
Villa Horizoon Jotina Guest House Villa Detelina Guest Rooms Jordanovi
Villa Iona Villa Albena View Lux Villa Albena Villa Quiet Nest
Guest House Yanakievi Momchil Villas Guest Rooms Queen\'s View Byalata Laguna First Line Apartments
Villa Vino Balchik Tuzlata Recover Black Sea View Apartments Guest Rooms Radost
Guest House Krissy Vanina Guest House Hotel Diamond Lighthouse Golf Resort Private Properties
Apartments in Lighthouse Golf & Spa Resort Retro - 19th Century Guest House Ognyan\'s House Lighthouse Golf Resort Villa
Eli Guest House Guest House Taraleja Izgrev Apartments Popov Guest House
Balchik English House Apartment Ivelina Hotel Naslada Sunrise 2 Guest House
Summer Apartment in Balchik Hotel Forum - Repose Villa Rosa Hotel Olympia
Guest House Balchik Hills Hotel Kaleidoscope Hotel Iceberg Casa de Artes Guest House
Hotel Diana Villa Snejanka Villa Exotica Hotel Karvuna
Saint George Hotel 2 Sunrise Guest House Apartment in Sea Paradise Complex Villa Detelina Balchik
Guest House Emi Guest Rooms Romantika Lighthouse Luxe Estate Sunshine Villa
White Rock Castle Suite hotel Holiday home Balchik Izgrev Holiday home Balchik II Holiday home Balchik Vilna Z. B.S. Chetvarts
Apartment Balchik Goorgi Bemkovski St. Holiday home Balchik Villa ZonaBel. Skali Holiday home Balchik Vila Roza, Holiday home Balchik Shipka st
Apartment Balchik Zahari Zograf st Apartment Balchik Zahari Zograf st II Apartment Balchik Holiday home Balchik Vilna zona M.Chetvarta st
Apartment Balchik ul. General Zajmov Holiday home Balchik Kvartal Golf Apartments Lex Apartments and Villas
Aparthotel Villa Romana White Dove Guest House Sky View Villa Green Lagoon Guest House
Guest House Mariana Villa Maka Villa Emloti Green View Hotel
Lela House in Balchik VIP Golf Apartments

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